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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Saving Boobies

In Lieu of October being Breast cancer awareness, you will see worldwide events, sales, fundraisers focusing on awareness with a pretty pink ribbon. It is wonderful to see the awareness being spread, donations being made, women reminding their friends to get a mamogram. Awareness and early detection are a great start. Still there is more to think about.

Breast cancer is not to be taken lighly. There are many who survive with early detection, but still lives are lost to this horrible condition. There are many contributing factors that cannot be overidden, However being precautious can't hurt.

You may have read or heard of research and studies regarding the prospective danger of Parabens and links to Breast cancer. While the use of Parabens or the extent of use being harmful may still be in question, It is likely that a little knowledge may go a long way.

Here is some general information about paraben research and how they may be related to breast cancer and other health related problems.

Parabens are inexpensive chemical preservatives used in lotions, antiperspirants, cleansers and many other skin care and sundry items to lengthen shelf life and prevent bacterial growth in the product. Generally a product containing parabens will stay fresh and bacteria free for about 2 years longer then without.
Sound Good? No, it's not good and here is why.

-Parabens have the potential to alter or mimic the estrogen processes and levels in a females body. They can cause estrogen dependent tumors and can aide in the development of cancer, especially when absorbed into the skin because they enter your bloodstream.

-Parabens break down into Formaldahyde which causes cancer.
You know what formaldahyde is used for, right?
Preserving dead bodies.

-They may cause harm to your thyroid, ovaries,and the male reproductive system, and have been linked in research to abnormal fetal development in pregnant women.

-They also contribute to skin irritation, rashes and dermititus.

Concenred about the possibily of parabens contributing to the health of your loved ones or yourself?
You may want to consider reading labels, trashing the products with questionable chemical content and switching to a paraben free brand such as Jordan Essentials.

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