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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Real Direct Sales Encounter- Not for the faint of heart

This is the first of many tried and true encounters of a direct selling woman. If you have any to share, please comment.

I'll call this one Nightmare on Vendor Street

Standing at my Booth at a vendor fair one Saturday morning I see a gentleman approaching. He was bouncing a tennis ball with his racket as he swaggered closer to my rented 10x10 territory.

I thought to myself, "This guy looks a little paunchy, fifty something, probably married, maybe he'll bring something home for his wife" Ok, I know I was wrong for prejudging. It's just one of those human nature things.

Anyway, He walked right up to me,stopped bouncing his ball, glanced vaguely over my display and asked "This is one of those direct sales things?" "How long have you been doing this?" My teethy reply, "Yes it is. I have been in direct sales for years. Have you ever heard of us or tried these products?"

This is where it gets good. Keep reading.

He then says "Na, what do you get out of it anyway?" resumes the ball bouncing and tells me about how his wife got involved in one of these things and how he doesn't understand the whole cultish recruitment thing and how he leaves her alone about it because ""She actually believes she is doing something good for people and it frees up his time when she's busy""

So now I have to think quickly to come up with an appropriate response to maintain any level of professionalism. While In my mind I am thinking "You Pompous Ars. Get your negative self away from my space!" Well, I did manage to hold back my true feelings, which anyone who knows me will tell you that is rare for verbal myrtle over here. I did however respond by saying "It sounds like your wife and I would get along well as we share similar views and similar businesses"

Needless to say, no purchase was made or business information exchanged.

On his merry way he went most likely to shoot down the next direct sales person in line. No idea what this guy's purpose was that day nor do I know his wife. I just hope his poor attitude did not get in the way of her path to do something meaningful.

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