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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Man vs. Woman

Ever wonder why Men seem to look better as they age and women tend to do the reverse?
Ever wonder if the same skin care products/regimen is appropriate for both?
Ever wonder Are their differences in a man's skin and a woman's skin?
Ever notice Men hate sampling products. They just want to get on with it and when they find something reasonable they stick to what they know?

Here are a few interesting facts.

One difference between the genders is the fact that men’s skin has a tougher quality than women’s skin does. This is a huge reason why women seem to age faster than men do. Why? The damaging effects of the sun and environmental pollutants are exactly why. Since a man’s skin is of a harder texture, the UV rays and pollutants will not do half as much damage as they would to a woman. So, we as women wrinkle faster and produce looser skin quicker. Men will eventually wrinkle and see looser skin, but not as quickly as women.

Hair follicles on our face do have something to do with our skins texture and how we receive the ingredients from our facial cleansers and moisturizers. The fact that men grow hair all over their face and women do not will have an effect on the way our follicles produce oil. The sebaceous glands/ follicles on men, possibly due to the fact that they grow hair in more glands than women, are much smaller and do not absorb as quickly as women’s glands do. So a man may need a little extra cleansing power. He can use a line made for women, but women should avoid lines made specifically for men as they may be too harsh on our delicate skin and actually do more harm than good.

Another interesting fact about the difference between men and women in the form of skin types is that men’s skin is naturally dirtier than women’s. This is due to the fact that their sebaceous glands, although smaller, are more active producing oil more frequently then women’s skin as well as the fact that men shave on a daily basis. Shaving causes red flaky skin and cuts and abrasions. So another factor men should look for in the best facial cleanser available to take care of your face is one that has a deep cleansing quality. These deep cleansing qualities can come in the form of exfoliate or deep pore cleansers that get deep in to the pores, clearing out any unnecessary dirt and bacteria. Women’s facial cleanser on the other hand should be a little more gentle than this, containing exfoliate is good but only if they are of a very gentle form. A woman's skin is a lot more sensitive than a man's.

Tips for the King of your castle:

CARE FOR YOUR SKIN EACH DAY: Make skin care a regular part of your day. Use a cleanser

that doubles up as a shave cream in the morning. After shaving immediately apply a high

quality moisturizer designed to deliver moisture to most needed areas ( a soy based moisturizer is great for this).. At night, cleanse again and then apply a repairing moisturizer.

- SHAVE: Try and warm the skin before shaving. Shave in the direction of hair growth and change your blade every 2 or 3 days

- SUNSCREEN: They've heard it all before, but probably don’t like to use it. Skin cancer is at epidemic levels in men. Apply sunscreen 20 min before going out in the sun, then reapply every 2 hours.

- LIPS, EARS and SCALP: a key mistake is to forget to care for your lips, ears and scalp.

Remember to protect these as well. It’s sensible to carry around a lip balm with SPF in it.

- HAT: baseball hats might look cool, but they don’t cut it in terms of sunprotection. Try one with a wider brim…

Getting Him to step out of the box and into skin wellness

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Kathy Miranda



  1. As soon as I started reading your post, I though of that old commercial in which they say, "Men grow old gracefully. Women just grow old." LOL...and I cannot even remember the product that it advertised.

  2. LOL. Maybe it was Geritol or soemthing like that.