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I Reside in NJ with two sons and husband. The Youngest of 5 siblings and by far the most intelligent. ha ha. I like to try and see the fun and funny side of things. Being the only woman in the house , this is an absolute must to keep any level of sanity. I love my home and family. On the flip side, meeting new people and discovering what lies in their hearts' is fascinating to me.

Monday, May 24, 2010


-Stimultion to the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.

Inspiration comes in many forms.  It may be a simple smile, act of kindness, a personal example, a funny joke, your favorite song, someone else's success, a movie, a church mass or a devotional.  Each of us needs inspiration in our lives.  Some more than others or more at certain times or in certain instances.

Inspiration is really the gathering of knowledge in the quest to become better at something.  A better ballplayer, a better parent, a better listener, a better anything...
A lifelong quest too, as there is no cap on how good us humans can get.
Do you receive inspiration in some form from others?  Maybe you inspire others to learn more, do more or be better at something.

A little secret many may not be aware of.  I find inspiration several times a week by reading other's stories, hearing my favorite songs, looking at pictures, watching what others do, hearing what they say and also by reading Quotations or Devotionals over a cup of coffee each morning.

Call me an Inspiration junky.  I simply cannot get enough of it.  It feeds my soul, helps prepare me for the day ahead, lifts my spirits, gives me hope and renews faith.

I will share with you here some things, places, people where I receive inspiration In future posts in this topic and on the side bar, but first Is there something, someone, a reading, a song, anything that inspires you in your personal or business life?

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  1. Sometimes inspiration just hits, and that is my favorite. When something just goes off in my head to inspire me, it makes me smile.

    Inspiration is a great topic. Thank you for sharing, Kathy!