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I Reside in NJ with two sons and husband. The Youngest of 5 siblings and by far the most intelligent. ha ha. I like to try and see the fun and funny side of things. Being the only woman in the house , this is an absolute must to keep any level of sanity. I love my home and family. On the flip side, meeting new people and discovering what lies in their hearts' is fascinating to me.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I have learned That...

-What we put on our skin gets absorbed into other organs of the body.
-Alcohol is actually damaging to the skin
-Aluminum based compounds used in antiperspirants may contribute to breast cancer
-Chemical sunscreens by absorbing ultraviolet rays while
Physical sunscreens work by reflecting ultraviolet rays away from the skin.
-Mineral oil is made from petroleum and can be found in many cosmetics and sundries we purchase every day and can actually clog the pores and leave deposits in the skin.

I have also learned over this past month:
- I am inclined to write everything in outline style (LOL)
-Those you think care the most and those you think care the least can very easily be confused.
-Opportunity is only available to those who are willing to take it.
-The human body is not stronger than concrete.
-Always keep your eyes open for that first step.

Honor the Past, Live the Present, Create the Future


  1. Oh, that is a cute tag line at the end!

  2. Great post Kathy. Looking forward to reading more.