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Monday, May 31, 2010

Tributes and Tribulations

Have you consumed your daily, weekly, monthly dose of tribulations recently?

Wether you work out of the home as an employee or your work is home based or both, rest assured you can always count on some degree of opposition, challenge or what some may refer to as plain old bad luck.
Nothing is ever easy, nothing worth attaining anyway.

Tribulations start at birth and continue through our lives. We have no choice but to handle them, so why not pay Tribute to ourselves and others who manage their tribulations,

Today (Memorial Day) I would like to pay tribute to the following:

-Our past, present and future military and their families- for facing the challenges of missed loved ones, enduring uncomfortable and extreme living conditions, physical and psychological pain and dispair.

-The disabled or health impaired and their families - for facing the challenges of innability to do what others do an a daily basis, for resisting inacceptance, for the tears that are shed and for overcoming rejection.

-Religous Clergy- for serving their communities through God, bringing faith and hope to their congregations, and inspiring love for God and one another in our ceremonies and daily life.

-The American Worker- for serving others needs, accepting indignant clients coworkers or employees, for enduring poor weather conditions, tiresome work and long hours to make a living.

Who would you like to pay tribute to for managing tribulations?

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  1. This certainly makes me think. There are so many people to appreciate and to honor and to admire. What great gifts we are given in this life.