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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fuzzy Resolutions

Look at this picture.  It's fuzzy.  I love it as it shows no flaws.
All the talk around the New Year seems to be about making resolutions/promises/commitments/goals.
I hear one person mention a resolution to diet, another to quit smoking, another to earn more money, get out of debt.  What fantastic ways to improve life!
But are they fuzzy?  Do they appear flawless?
Are we willing to really do what needs to be done to stick to resolutions and make them work?

What about obstacles?  If you are truly comitted to your resolutions coming to fruition, be sure to leave room for these.  You know they always appear when we least expect them.

My personal Resolution for 2011 is not fuzzy.  It's Chrystal Clear.  I see the flaws in it and the possibilities I will get sidetracked.  It may not last throughout the year.
I am resoluting not to resolute. Simply to live each day as it is.  Leave the stress of resolution behind and let what is meant to be come naturally.

Who do you know with fuzzy resolutions?

Warmest wishes for stress less 2011

Kathy Miranda

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