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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

and the Greatest of these is glue?

is Love.

Faith, Hope and Love

We practice and talk of faith in our lives through our beliefs, religions, relationships.  We have full understanding and belief what we hold dearly to our hearts is true, is meant to be and will be.  Reminds me of a child having a visit with Santa Clause.  He/she may ask for a baseball mitt or a new dollhouse or a puppy.  In their hearts, they believe these things will be delivered.  In fact, they know they will!  There's just no other way.  It is going to be. Can you remember being child and just knowing you would see that before you?  Maybe it would not happen right away, but if you kept on asking, Santa would have to break down eventually and deliver.  Many of us may still be able to correlate these feelings of faith toward some dream we have or athat of someone close to us.

We Hope.  Everyone hopes.  Some may hope for stronger shoulders in rough times, some hope for a pay raise, some for cure of illness. The Hope list really is endless and the greatest thing about Hope is we all have our own.  It's free and no one can tell us not to have it, how much of it to have or how much of it to share.  We have full ownership of our hopes. When things sometimes seem difficult we turn to our hopes or we share hope with those who are facing difficult situations. Sometimes, others give us hope in a thing and idea or a need.  I think of Hope as a wonderful gift to give ourselves, others or receive well when offered.
Can you remember a time when you received or gifted Hope?

love, love,love,love,love
No word or feeling quite compares. Does it?
It truly is the greatest of them all.
There is no item, there is no feeling, there is simply nothing stronger then Love.
Love is a bond.  Something or someone you are glued to so to speak.
A child, a parent, a spouse, and for many a career.
So why do you think Love is the greatest of these divine virtues?

Speaking for myself, if I did not love a person or a thing to some degree, I would find it hard to have faith or hope in it.  The bond has to come first.  In all things. Personal and business, my tendencies as a human is to want to be glued/connected above all.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas filled with Faith, Hope and lots of Glue in your stockings.

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