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I Reside in NJ with two sons and husband. The Youngest of 5 siblings and by far the most intelligent. ha ha. I like to try and see the fun and funny side of things. Being the only woman in the house , this is an absolute must to keep any level of sanity. I love my home and family. On the flip side, meeting new people and discovering what lies in their hearts' is fascinating to me.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This morning the painters showed up unannounced at 8am, which meant not enough coffee, get dressed quick and out the door to DMV for DL renewal.  I did not have enough id to prove that I am me after driving on the same license for nearly 30 years. Whatever! Came back to search for something that didn't get washed away. By the grace of God the last place I looked was in a box that was packed away frantically while we were gutting the house. Doubted highly anything would be in there, but one last try couldn't hurt. The box contained an empty photo album we were given as a gift for our wedding. Inside the box sat a large with envelope containing a Congratulatory letterfrom the reverend who performed our ceremony along with  marriage license  tucked neatly inside enclosed (untouched)!
How, why, when it got there is beyond my memory, but it was the key to what was needed to make this otherwise gloomy looking day tolerable.

Now off to clean up some saw dust.  The Paint looks beautiful too :)

Sometimes we hastily look at what could go wrong instead of what will go right.

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