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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Multi-Peptide Serum with Vitamin C is designed and recommended for continual use in order to realize the most exponential benefits to your skin.

Your skin elasticity, clarity, and collagen levels will consistently improve with use. Compare this to the initial vs. long term benefits of physical fitness. While you will likely notice some initial rapid improvement in skin elasticity, clarity, and smoothness, the maximum effectiveness will be seen following 6-8 months of regular use.
Key ingredients of the Multi-Peptide includes:

•Matrixol 3000 Peptide (stimulates the lower layers of the skin and promotes collagen production)
•Argaline Peptide (tremendous wrinkle reducing properties)
•Tripeptide 5 (penetrates deep to activate tissue growth, stimulates collagen synthesis, irons out wrinkles, moisturizes and firms the skin)
•Sesaflash Peptide (instantly smoothes and tightens the skin)
•Vitamin C (brightens and neutralizes free radical (UV) damage)
•Watermelon Extract (antioxidant that enhances peptide performance)
Thank you for allowing me to support your skin care needs and please contact me when you are ready for your personal skincare profile or a refill!

Kathy Miranda
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