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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Common Beauty Blunders

There is a common list of well advertised and lectured warnings we see about daily such as too much sun, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.  All of the above rob us of our natural beauty in some form and best to avoid whenever possible.  Daily reminders can never hurt.

Today I wanted to share a small list of very common Beauty Blunders we make each day without even realizing it.  I was surprised with some of these and think you will be too.  Take a look.

1- Wearing old eyeglasses,outdated prescriptions and forgetting to wear sunglasses.
     Not only is this bad for obvious purposes of healthy eyesight, but the constant squinting can highly contribute to permanent crows feet, wrinkles and lines around the eyes.

2-Licking and biting your lips.  Sounds crazy right?
     What happens when you lick your lips is the saliva on your tongue contains enzymes which are meant to break down the food we eat and aide in digestion. It does the same thing to the lips.  Breaks down moisture.  Best advice is to stop licking your chops and carry a moisturing lip balm.

3-Applying too much moisturizer
     We hear moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  While moisturizing skin is definetely a good daily habit, we should be careful of the amount we slather on.  The skin can only absorb a certain amount at one time and any excess will cause skin irritaions and just be wated.  Best bet is to use a good quality moisturizer, suitable for your skin type in dime size amounts twice daily.  Remember a dab will do ya.

4-Washing with hot water. 
     This is a tough one since hot feels so soothing and makes us feel squeeky clean.  Truth is washing with hot water can do more harm than good.  It breaks the capillaries in the skin and dehydrates.  If you're a hot water washer you might notice little red and purplush areas in your complextion,  Best bet is to use luke warm water and a soft foamy cleanser.

5- Using Antiperspirant
     The problem with antiperspirants is that they contain aluminum which closes pores and blocks your body from it's natural sweating process. Although we must sweat, we don't want to stink and best bet here is to choose an aluminum free deodarant.  There has also been links to aluminum in antipersperants contributing to certain types of breast cancers.

Apply the above precautions daily and you will see a difference.  Feel free to share this article with your friends



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