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I Reside in NJ with two sons and husband. The Youngest of 5 siblings and by far the most intelligent. ha ha. I like to try and see the fun and funny side of things. Being the only woman in the house , this is an absolute must to keep any level of sanity. I love my home and family. On the flip side, meeting new people and discovering what lies in their hearts' is fascinating to me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Why do you Blog?

The Rules:

1. Comment below to answer the question with five reasons.

2. Create your own blog entry to continue the meme.

3. Give credit and link back to the original blog post and to the blog where you saw the meme shared.

4. Tag your friends and encourage them to participate.

Part of the fun of this is seeing how many people keep the chain going and seeing all of the different -- or similar -- reasons that people give, so be sure to read other people's blogs to see what they say!

I blog because:

1-to amuse myself

2-to possibly amuse others

3-to Learn

4-to share what I have learned

5-to connect with others who may have similar interests
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  1. Ha! Number one is fabulous. "To amuse myself." Hehe.

    Remember to tag some friends and then let them know that you tagged them so that they can join the fun!

  2. All of the above.....The amazing thing, Kathy...is that I finally understand this whole "Blog mentality" and how it works for small Business owners.... Great Post! -- Nancy