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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Some say it means

Some say it plain old means being scared.
Some won't admit they have fear.
What does FEAR feel like to you?

I believe fear is a feeling that comes from choice. The choice to NOT know about how something feels. Maybe because is looks strange to us, so we think "if it looks strange then it must feel strange as well."

I feel fear really really strong when I'm faced with the possibility of touching a snake, a mouse or a frog! I just can't stand the thought of what they will do to my mind. Make my heart beat so fast. I couldn't possibly imagine understanding why they do what they do or why they even exist.

Over the years I have certainly come across people who have no idea why I do what I do (direct sales), and I'm willing to bet there are a few who wonder why I even exist! haha That's ok though. It's understood those are most likely the perfect examples of choosing NOT to know.

So how do you get to know something that's a little creepy looking without touching it first?

Think of a baby being introduced to new foods. Mama puts a little on the spoon and does the zoom zoom airplane, up to the lips, or a tiny fingertip taste. What happens?
Baby reluctantly sticks her tongue out to taste a tiny bit.
Sometimes she hates it, sometimes she loves it, sometimes Mama really doesn't know if she'll ever eat it again. The whole time Baby never touched it. She just tasted a little bit.

Ok, I'm not saying I'm about to taste snakes, mice or frogs to overcome my fear of them. But I'd be willing to find out what false evidence about them created my fear.

What about you? Are you stuck in Fear of what you don't know? Are you afraid if you try something new it will make your heart beat fast, make your mind spin, someone won't agree with you?

And if all the above did happen, Do you think something good could come from having faced a fear willingly?

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  1. There are a lot of different kinds of fears.

    everyday, life changing, new experience, the list goes on.

    I have wondered why there are so many ways of looking at it, experiencing it...MusingMom