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Friday, June 18, 2010

Recession Proof Your RT

You might be asking what RT is if you are a male. Us women know that term. Don't we girls? ""Retail Therapy""
There's nothing quite like it. The problem is it comes with a price and in the case of little disposable income there might be buyers remorse attached. That great new gadget or cute designer item will be exciting and fun to show off at first. Unfortunately, they do lose their excitement and appeal with time. Leaving us storing those items away, trying to sell them by way of the grueling garage sale experience or even filing them for the trash.

Leaves you thinking why did I spend that money just to trash an item I no longer enjoy or can't use. Perfect example of buyers remorse.

Here are a few ideas about how to keep your retail therapy in check and You feeling great about where the dollar goes during a financial downturn.

Do buy an Experience. Something that will leave you with a good memory or contribute to your families overall well being.
Something you will use or think of over and again and continue to appreciate.

-Before purchasing clothing, electronics or gadgets think about why. How will they add happy experiences to your life?

-When gifting, think the same way. How will your gift add a happy experience to the receivers life? Try gifting something that will make a difference for more than just the moment.

-Socialize more. Attend events, parties and occassions you are invited to by friends and family. Host your own get togethers too. Just because you are keeping watch of your spending doesn't mean you can't enjoy good company and lasting experiences.

-Find fun ways to add to your income. Is there something you love or something you are talented at? Create a business. This will keep your mind off money worries, keep you interactive and give you freedom to keep those extras in your life you so enjoy with the added income.

You can still live life to the fullest. Finding ways to enhance the little things through Experiences will make all the difference, and you can keep your RT in check.

Happy women work from home.

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